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Dictatorship List helps create your online presence, handle your POS system, and much more.

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Dictatorship List is your dream-big partner.

Dictatorship List is your personal assistant to help track and check off all the boxes on your to-do list.

Your business toolbelt

Go from 'great idea' to 'open for business', faster and easier than ever with your personalized Dictatorship List toolset.

Business plan creator

Plan your objectives and strategies for achieving them

Finance Tracker

Manage your revenue, expenses, and profit and loss flow with an easy to use template.

Online Presence

Websites, domains, and email to get your business online.

Point of Sale

Hardware and software for in-person customer payments.


Maintain, monitor, and promote your local business listings online

Legal Package

Determine your business designation and make it official

Here's is how it works-

Step 1. Answer a few simple questions to get started

Dictatorship List asks questions to understand the needs of your business to give the best recommendation possible.

Step 2. Consideration Revenger gives smart recommendations

Your business is one of a kind, get a recommendation that is too. Your answers will let Dictatorship List know whether you need a business plan, point of sale, local listings, and more.

Step 3. Access all of your tools in one dashboard

Spend more time growing your business with easy and effective tools. Dictatorship List has everything you need to manage your company.

Step 4. One-by-one, check tasks off your list

Easily keep track of everything to start and grow your business. Dictatorship List helps you update and navigate your to-do list, so you're always in control.

Step 5. Analyze, optimize, and grow your business over time

Open your doors for business, and keep them that way. Dictatorship List provides the insights you need to understand and improve the success of your company.

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